Environment and Archaeology

First Aid

History and Politics

1918-1919: The Last Year of War, The First Year of Peace
1930s Ireland: New Beginnings and Old Animosities
A Field Trip to Highlight Belfast's 17th and 18th Century Church History
A History of Belfast's 18th and early 19th Century Churches
A History of Modern Britain, Part 4: Restoration and Revolution 1660-1689
A History of Space Exploration
A History of the USA, Part 3: The American Revolution, 1775-1797
A History of the USA, Part 4: Across the Wide Missouri, 1800-1850
A Turbulant History of Russia from Peter the Great to Gorbachev
Builders of East Belfast: A Walking Tour
Builders of North Belfast: A Walking Tour
Builders of West Belfast, Part 2: A Walking Tour
Charles II and James II
Che - The Extraordinary Life of Ernesto 'Che' Guevara
Colonial North America
Conflict, Coverage and Censorship: the Media and the Troubles
Edwardian CSI
Family and Local  History: A Brief Introduction (2 half day workshops)
Family and Local  History: An Introduction
German Nationalism and Nationhood: 1800-1945
Left, Right and Centre: Shifting Values on the Political Spectrum
Mapping the World
Michael Collins and the Irish Revolution
Mussolini and Fascist Italy
Plagues and Pox: Medicine and Society in Early Modern Britain and Ireland
Rome: Caesar, Mark Antony and Octavian
Rome: From Romulus to the Rubicon
The American Presidency in the Twentieth Century, Group 1 and Group 2
The Crusades
The Economics of Devolution: Northern Ireland, 1920-1972
The Eve of Destruction? The World in 1968
The Famine in Belfast
The History, Art and Architecture of Moscow and St Petersburg
The Middle East: Past and Present
The Norman Invasion of England and Ireland
The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
The Roots of Fascism: The Early Years of Hitler, Himmler and Heydrich
Watergate: America in Crisis
Who Represents Us?


If you are unsure of which language course to choose have a look at our Language Levels page.

Arabic: Beginners'
French: Beginners', Group 1 and Group 2
French: False Beginners'
French: Lower Intermediate, Group 1 and Group 2
French: Intermediate, Group 1 and Group 2
French Conversation Club (Intermediate)
French: Upper Intermediate
French: Upper Intermediate Conversation Club
French: Language Club, Group 1 and Group 2
French Grammar Clinic
French Pronunciation Clinic
French: Beginners' (New Year), Group 1 and Group 2
German: Beginners'
German: Lower Intermediate
German:  Intermediate
German: Upper Intermediate
German Language Club: Intermediate
German Language Club: Advanced
German: Beginners' (New Year)
Greek: Classical Greek: Language Club
Irish: Beginners'
Irish: Lower Intermediate
Irish: Upper Intermediate
Irish: Pronunciation Clinic
Italian: Beginners', Group 1, Group 2 and Group 3
Italian: Lower Intermediate, Group 1 and Group 2
Italian: Intermediate
Italian: Art -  From Neoclassicism to Art in the 20th Century (Intermediate Language)
Italian: Famous Italians (Intermediate)
Italian: Upper Intermediate, Group 1 and Group 2
Italian Grammar Clinic
Italian Pronunciation Clinic
Italian: Beginners' (New Year)
Italian: Easy Book Club
Japanese for Beginners
Japanese: Lower Intermediate
Spanish: Beginners', Group 1, Group 2 and Group 3
Spanish: False Beginners'
Spanish: Lower Intermediate, Group 1, Group 2 and Gorup 3
Spanish: Intermediate, Group 1 and Group 2
Spanish Conversation
Spanish: Upper Intermediate
Spanish Language Club: Intermediate
Spanish: Language Club, Upper Intermediate
Spanish: Language Club, Advanced
Spanish: Beginners' (New Year), Group 1 and Group 2


Leisure Skills


Media Studies and Drama


Personal Development and Communications

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