Ethnomusicology in the Digital Age

Queen’s University Belfast 
4 - 7 April 2013 

Keynote Speaker: Prof Leslie Gay

Conference Theme:  

Increasingly, digital technologies are mediating people’s engagement with music, posing new challenges to traditional ethnomusicological orientations. The theme for the 2013 conference, ‘Ethnomusicology in the Digital Age’, aims to confront these challenges by addressing the ways in which the digital revolution is affecting how music is conceptualised, constructed and used both by individuals and groups. Possible questions for exploring how ethnomusicological concerns might be directed toward the analysis of digital mediations include: 

  • How are digital technologies being used in the emergence, development and dissemination of new musical genres? 
  • How are traditional genres being affected by these same media? 
  • What impact are digital technologies having on the ways people listen to music? 
  • How does music mediate the formation of internet communities, and to what extent does it sustain them? How are these social spheres creating new musical identities? 
  • How are internet technologies affecting the trans-national flows of music? 
  • How is music mediating social networking? 
  • What legal and/or ethical implications do ethnomusicologists need to consider in research in the realm of digital technologies? 
  • How have ethnomusicologists explored digital media in their research, and what untapped potential might there still be for the discipline? 

Keynote Speaker: Professor Leslie C. Gay, Jr.

The call for papers is now closed, but we encourage conference attendance by those who will not be presenting.

Important Dates

  • Presenters must register by 1 March 2013
  • Early bird registration deadline: 1 March 2013


Programme Committee
Suzel Reily (Chair) 
Ioannis Tsoulakis (ICTM-IE Representative)
Noel Lobley (BFE Representative) 

Local Organisers
Suzel Reily (Chair) 
Ray Casserley
Gordon Ramsey
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