How will this affect me?

If you are a student who enrolled in 2015-16 or earlier, you may not notice any major changes to the assessment structure of your programme in 2016-17. However, January examinations will not take place in 2017-18 or in the years following, so the shape of the final year(s) of your programme may be slightly different from the earlier years.  Please see Useful Student Resources for further information.

If you are a prospective undergraduate student, you should be aware that the new assessment structures will be in operation for all new undergraduate students from September 2016

If you are a prospective postgraduate student, you should be aware that the proposed changes will take effect from September 2017 for taught postgraduate programmes. This will include the removal of January exams, and the retention of the two-semester structure for taught postgraduate programmes, ensuring a distinctive postgraduate experience.  

If you are a member of staff, your Director of Education and/or Faculty Dean of Education will be able to inform you of progress on these changes.  There is also a list of Useful Staff Resources available for further information.