Project Implementation

Who has delivered these changes?

The process of planning and implementing the new academic year structure has been overseen by a Project Implementation Group.

The Group was chaired by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor Education and Students, and included representatives from each Faculty, from Professional Services, and from the Students’ Union sabbatical officers.

Assessment structures have been designed by the academic staff involved in teaching and managing the programmes of study.

Students have been, and will continue to be, consulted on these changes through Course Representatives and the Students’ Union.

Governance and Oversight

The Implementation Group reported formally to the University Executive Board, and to the Education Committee. The Education Committee reports to the Academic Council, which in turn reports to Senate, the University’s Governing Body.

Stakeholder Involvement

The plans to change the structure of the academic year were the subject of extensive discussion and consultation, and a wide range of stakeholders expressed support for the project.

The table below gives details of key consultations:

StakeholderForum and Dates of Consultation
Head Teachers Head Teachers’ Forum Meetings:
February, April and November 2015
Employers Employers’ Forum Meetings:
March, April and November 2015
Students’ Union Through membership at all meetings
Academic Year Structure Working Group 
At AYSWG Meetings in: 
October/November 2014;
January/February/March/April/May 2015
Academic Board At Meetings in: 
November 2014 
February/May/November 2015
Academic Council At Meetings in: 
November 2014; 
March/May/June/November 2015
Directors of Education At Meetings in: 
October/November/December 2014; 
February/March/May/October/November/December 2015
Academic Staff 1. At School Board Meetings 
2. At Education Committee Meetings (October 2014; March/May/October 2015) 
3. At Academic Council Meetings 
4. At Academic Board Meetings 
5. At Presentations to Schools
Student Council Presentations by Pro-Vice-Chancellor Education and Students in February 2015 and December 2015
Careers Teachers At a Meeting in March 2015