Motivation for Change

Why has Queen's made these changes?

The main drive for the change to assessment structures is pedagogical – to emphasise assessment and feedback that facilitates learning. In the model which we have introduced, feedback is conceived as a process rather than a product, takes place over time, requires a dialogue between staff and students, and is central to learning and teaching.

The new academic year structure at Queen’s aims to realise the following outcomes:

  • To improve the potential for student learning and hence to enhance student employability;
  • To improve student learning outcomes, and to enhance student satisfaction;
  • To employ 21st century learning methods that engage students and which enhance students’ skills, knowledge and learning experience;
  • To embed a more inclusive assessment, that values the increasing diversity of the student body, anticipating and providing for a range of student learning needs in a culture of dignity, courtesy and respect, while maintaining high academic standards.