Queen's Scots Texts

Queen’s Scots Texts

General Editor: Dr. John M. Kirk
Editorial Board: Ian Brown, Andy Eagle, Gavin Falconer, R.D.S. Jack, John M. Kirk

Queen’s Scots Texts will comprise the following types of publication:
  • Translations of major literary texts in their entirety into traditional literary Scots
  • Long, substantial works in Scots (new or new editions)
  • Anthologies of Literature in Scots (e.g. A Scots Liturgy)
  • The Plain Scots Bible
  • Grammar Book, specifically Wir Ain Leid: An Innen tae Modren Scots, by Andy Eagle
  • Research Monographs on Scots

Features of literary translations:
  • Renowned works of literature in translation into Scots
  • Use of Wir Ain Leid: An Innen tae Modren Scots, by Andy Eagle, as the model for traditional literary Scots
  • Introduction by translator, author or editor covering textual and critical issues as well as linguistic issues regarding the translation
  • Etymological glossary (or some other language guide)
  • Prefaces by distinguished scholars to celebrate achievement
  • Where desirable, educational apparatus for use in schools, or other critical apparatus

Translations under consideration:
  1. Macbeth, by William Shakespeare, translated by David Purves
  2. The Godothin, translated by Davie Purdie
  3. The Scots Illiad, by Homer, translated by Kenneth Farrow
  4. The Heights of Macchu Picchu, by Pablo Neruda, translated by John Law
  5. Dáin do Eimhir, by Somhairle MacGill-Eain, translated by J. Derrick McClure
  6. The Weavers, by Gerhard Hauptmann, translated by Bill Findlay
  7. The Laxdale Saga, translated by T.S.Law
  8. Men o the Mossflow [Shuihu Zhuan], by Shi Naian and Luo Guanzhong, translated by Brian Holton

Other titles under consideration; offers welcome!

These titles cannot yet be ordered. Although they will be commissioned and prepared for publication by Cló Ollscoil na Banríona, they may come to be published in collaboration with a commercial publisher in Scotland.