Padraig Donnelly, CSIT MSc Cyber Security GraduateMSc Cyber Security, Masters, CSIT, Queen's University, Belfast, Cryptography, Computer Forensics

What course did you study for your undergraduate degree?

“I studied English at undergraduate level”

Why did you chose to do QUB’s MSc Cyber Security course?

“I just finished the Software Development conversion course at Queen's, it was challenging but a really good experience. I saw the MSc Cyber Security course advertised and I thought it would be interesting”

What company did you work for on your research placement?

“I worked with Price Waterhouse Cooper (PwC) in Belfast, in the Forensics Technology Solutions Department”

Tell us about your research

“I was constructing an automated framework for analysing Linux based malware, similar to the Cuckoo framework that exists for windows binaries. This involved taking dozens and dozens of sample viruses and executing them in a sandbox environment to see what makes them tick.”

What aspect of the course did you enjoy most?

“Hands down the Cryptography module. Professor O’Neil warned us at the start that we’d get sucked into the mathematics behind it and I absolutely did. I learned a great deal from her and that is probably why I am coming back to CSIT for my PhD.”

What is your future career goal?

“In the medium term I am going to come back to CSIT to do a PhD in Cryptography with Dr O’ Sullivan, hopefully contribute something to the field of Post Quantum Cryptography.”

Would you recommend the MSc Cyber Security at Queen’s University?

“Dr O’Neil’s Cryptography course is worth the price of admission alone. Dr O’Kanes Malware course is fantastic, its penetration testing 101… it was brilliant. And then you’ve got people coming in from industry, like Gary Edgeworth (from CSIT Associate Member Company ANSEC IA) who brought 30 years’ worth of experience to the table in terms of forensics and a wealth of knowledge to share with us.”

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