After leaving Surrey University in 1984 Pete joined Plessey Research working on optical, acoustic and magnetic sensor research. His career has covered a broad range of sensor, communication and internet research and to date he has filed over 40 patent applications. His career has spanned both the civil and defence markets, developing bespoke sensors to full turnkey systems for broadcast, transportation, defence and national security applications. After managing Roke’s senior consultancy team for 6 years he was appointed Future Technology manager responsible for business technology strategy. Pete is responsible for driving Chemring Technology Solutions innovation programme, covering all aspects of knowledge, technology and innovation management. He supplies consultancy on future technologies and was featured in the Financial Times as the Siemens future technologist. Pete chairs York University’s electronics department industry advisory committee and is a member of Southampton University’s advisory committee for Electronic and Computer Science.

Pete Lockhart's keynote talk is now available to download.