Mary Aiken, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
Mary Aiken, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

The CyberPsychology of Cyber Security

Mary Aiken is the Director of the CyberPsychology Research Centre at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI).  She is a CyberPsychologist, and Research Fellow at the RCSI Institute of Leadership. CyberPsychology is a field within applied psychology, focusing on Internet psychology, virtual environments, artificial intelligence, intelligence amplification, gaming, digital convergence, mobile communication and networking devices. Mary is a Research Fellow at Middlesex University School of Law, and a Fellow at the IBM/MIT Network Science Research Center, a collaboration among scholars and researchers from IBM, MIT, Harvard University, Brown University, and Columbia University et al. The NSRC provides access to subject matter experts regarding information technology (e.g. Watson, Sensemaking, Advanced Analytics, Streams Computing, Cloud, etc.).

Mary's research at RCSI focuses on virtual behavioral profiling and cyber behavioral analysis.  She is currently leading an international research project in conjunction with INTERPOL, and is also conducting youth behavioural escalation online research projects with the London Metropolitan Police, the Australian Federal Police and the Los Angeles Police Department.  She is involved in several research areas including, cyber reporting of crime, human trafficking, online grooming/offending, cyber stalking, personal cyber security and cyberchondria.

Mary co-led a White House research team focused on tackling US technology facilitated human trafficking and isomorphic problems and was recently appointed to the Irish government ‘Internet Content Governance Advisory Group’ a public consultation initiative.

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