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Context: At Belfast 2013 during a break-out session on ‘Transitioning Research to deployed solutions’ (facilitated by Ulf Lindqvist and Zach Tudor of SRI International) it was concluded that we as a community should encourage the development of Innovation spaces, have a deeper focus on customer development, initiate training for identified potential innovation champions and foster a strategic approach to technology foraging. It was decided that at Belfast 2014, we would aspire to have practical activities to support: -

Innovation Spaces | Customer Development | Technology Foraging | Enabling Champions

We intend to run two sessions that will consist of an invited talk and then expert panel discussion, allowing early stage entrepreneurs and businesses looking to accelerate growth in this sector to get deep insights from key industry leaders. We are also delighted to be supported by Techstars who will be available for one-to-one sessions throughout the Summit.




Briefing Document

The Techstars Start-up Stream Briefing document is now available!

Techstars Start-up Stream Briefing Document

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