CSIT is leading a community effort to crack low-cost, hardware accelerated Software Defined Networking (SDN) capability. Harvesting intelligence from existing IPS, IDS, DPI and other techniques followed by analysis and centralized reprogramming of the network, as required, can render the SDN network more robust to malicious attack than traditional networks.

CSIT’s SDN technology and expertise will enable this movement.

This webinar took place on 20th August 2013 and featured Dr Sandra Scott-Hayward (Research Fellow) and Stephen Wray (Commercial Director) introducing CSIT's research and capabilities in relation to SDN technology.

If you are interested in licencing CST's SDN technology or commisioning contract R&D in this area please contact our Stephen Wray or other members of our commercial team.

The slide deck used in this presentatation is available to download here:

CSIT Security in SDN Slide Deck

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