Side Channel Attack and Countermeasures Capability Brief
Side Channel Attack and Countermeasures Capability Brief
Side-channel attacks (SCA) can be used to reveal the security key stored in electronic cryptographic devices by monitoring physical characteristics such as power consumption & electromagnetic (EM) emanations.

For example, the attack complexity of the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm can be reduced from 2128 (bruteforce attack) to 28 using Differential Power Analysis (DPA), which is the most effective SCA technique.

Countermeasures aim to eliminate the dependencies between the cryptographic key-dependent operations and their associated power consumption and EM emissions.

CSIT researchers have developed an SCA measurement platform for EM & Power analysis. CSIT were the first to show successful power attacks of SHACAL-2, Camellia & CAST-128.

CSIT have also developed new attack techniques and lightweight DPA countermeasures. A novel solution designed for AES hardware implementations offers significant performance improvements over previous work by combining two lightweight countermeasures, random inversion masking and improved random register renaming.

The full capability brief is available to download from our website here - CB5-SCA (Side Channel Attack and Countermeasures) (pdf, 1.3MB)