Building Enterprises – Wireless and Internet Security in European Regions (Be Wiser) examines the organisation and technical research challenges in some of Europe’s best known RTD regions.

The technology focus is on wireless Internet security, while the organisational challenge is to more effectively utilise Triple Helix clusters in regional innovation processes. This approach will strengthen Europe’s position in wireless rollout and address the challenges set out in the Digital Agenda.

With the rapid expansion in wireless based devices, many undertaking complex and often highly confidential transactions, the security of data transmission is increasingly important as trillions of objects are connected via the Internet of Things.

The need for fully secure systems cannot be overstated in retaining the confidence of all users and to balance the requirements of Citizens, Government and Enterprises in terms of their privacy and security needs. Failure to do so risks Europe not fully exploiting new opportunities and falling behind in terms of technology rollout, innovation and job creation at the global level.

The clusters involved in this project are both central and peripheral and have strong technological complementary skills and experience – they have varying levels of organisational sophistication in terms of how they manage their innovation processes and recognise the potential to mentor each other while working collaboratively on RTD challenges. They are integrated into EU and international networks and can enhance the competitiveness of their members.

Be Wiser will:

  • Analyse the regions involved and the sector addressed via triple helix clusters bringing policy makers, researchers and enterprises together to focus on innovation processes and RTD;
  • Develop a Joint Action Plan as well as smart specialisation strategies and identify further research and product opportunities as part of broader economic development strategies;
  • Deliver tangible outputs that will enhance the competitiveness of the clusters,
  • Seek new market opportunities for regional enterprises, especially SMEs;
  • Mentor all partner regions on technology, business and clustering themes.
  • Develop a sustainable business and resourcing plan.

Further Information

More information on the Be Wiser FP7 project can be found on the consortium website here.