Liopa is a novel mobile biometric authentication and speaker verification application, service and application programming interface (API).

The interface presents a user with a random sequence of letters, digits or words. The user speaks these into the forward facing smartphone camera which records and pre-processes video, offloads it to a server which establishes liveness, the unique biometric characteristics of the person and verifies their identity against a database of enrolled individuals.

The Liopa team has further developed and is commercialising extensive research into pose invariant lip biometric authentication and speaker verification using visemes which has been carried out at CSIT.


The Liopa team successfully secured and delivered a Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) project for the Technology Strategy Board’s Preventing Fraud in m-Commerce call. 

How SBRI helped bring this research to market

David Crozier talks about how winning the Technology Strategy Board "Preventing fraud in m-Commerce" Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) competition has helped bring Liopa out of the lab and into the market.


The Liopa team won the software and digital category at the 2013 NISP Connect 25K Awards for the most innovative publicly funded research and IP.

How does it work?

This demonstration video shows Liopa in operation:

Why is Liopa unique?

The current state of the art solutions for determining liveness, verifying individuals and preventing fraud in mobile commerce all present usability and economic problems for users and enterprises alike.

These include:

• 100M+ served each day
• User frustrations
• Acquired by Google $25M+

3-D Secure (Verified by Visa)
• Used by 466M cardholders
• Conversion rates drop 6-60%
• Complex password rules

Secure ID tokens
• User carries additional device
• Logistics of h/w rollout
• Per user cost $111

Liopa improves on the current state of the art by taking complex algorithms, the product of many years of CSIT research, and applies those in a simple interface to solve an ever growing problem of password insecurity, user verification and preventing fraud in mobile commerce.

Why is Liopa of interest commercially?

Passwords are increasingly being proven to be an insecure way of providing authentication for carrying out mCommerce, financial transactions and as a verification mechanism for online services.
Deloitte, in their top tech trends for 2013, signalled the end of password-only security and highlight that high-value sites will likely require additional forms of authentication as the cost of attacks and fraud increase. More than 2/3 of consumers believe it is acceptable for a trusted organisation to use biometrics to verify their identity.

The biometric market is projected to grow to $10B+ by 2017 and the multi-factor authentication market predicted to grow to $5B+ by 2017 with CAGRs of 19.7% and 17.3% respectively.
Liopa will be commercialised in a number of ways including, but not limited to, Software as a Service (SaaS), producing and selling an on-premise solution, and an advertising supported web/mobile application and API. Companies requiring user authentication and verification as part of a larger solution will wish to consider licensing this technology.

How to licence:

Licencing options are available on the Liopa website or by calling our commercial team now to discuss your requirements on +44 (0) 28 9097 1700 or email David Crozier.