As smartphones and mobile devices continue to rise in popularity for various personal and business applications, they are increasingly becoming attractive targets of attacks which exploit their vulnerabilities.  Today, mobile devices process and store vast amounts of sensitive information that potentially places the security and privacy of users and businesses at risk. Hence, effective attack detection and countermeasures are necessary to mitigate emerging security threats within the evolving mobile ecosystem.

CSIT is currently undertaking significant research in Mobile Security with several industry-driven projects and multi-disciplinary research with commercial and academic partners ongoing within its Secure Digital Systems cluster. Our main areas of research focus on: Malware detection, Mobile network security, Ethics and regulation in the mobile ecosystem. Some of our recent research outputs include tools for automated reverse engineering of Android malware, Infrastructure for automated detection of suspicious apps at various online distribution sources, and a mobile platform for enhanced social sciences longitudinal survey methods. 



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+ Current Projects

+ Other Areas of Interest

  • Mobile malware detection
  • Mobile network security
  • Mobile traffic mining and analysis
  • Ethical and regulatory frameworks for mobile security and privacy

+ People

Suleiman Yerima– Research Fellow

Sakir Sezer – Research Director

Gavin McWilliams – Senior Engineering R&D Manager (Secure Digital Systems)

Ivor Bradley – Senior Engineer

Jennifer Betts – Research Assistant

Oliver Ambruster -  Kalsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany (Past Intern)

Henry Chen - Wisconsin University, USA (Past Intern)

+ PhD Opportunities

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