Network Security for Industrial Control Systems (ICS)

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are responsible for the control and automation of a range of industrial plants and physical systems, many of which are considered to be critical national infrastructures. ICS encompasses systems such as Smart Grid, energy production and distribution infrastructure, oil and gas infrastructure, manufacturing, and many other systems that rely on Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA).

The introduction of new communications technologies and interconnectivity into electricity smart-grids, water, gas, oil installations, etc., has exposed cyber vulnerabilities in these systems. ICS and SCADA-specific weaknesses can allow cyber-attackers to potentially disrupt services, exfiltrate sensitive data, and even possibly gain control of assets and physically damage equipment.

Research within CSIT includes research into Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) for ICS networks, detection methods for malicious/anomalous IP and SCADA communications activity, SCADA protocol analysis, ethical hacking of SCADA networks, protocol white-listing approaches as well as emerging Smart Grid security technologies and standards. Much of this work is in collaboration with a number of European systems operators, industrial partners and academic institutes through EU projects.

+ Current Projects

Research projects currently active in this area include:

+ People

Kieran McLaughlin – Lecturer

Sakir Sezer – Research Director

TBA – Research Fellow

Abdullah Al Balushi – PhD Student

Peter Maynard– PhD Student

Gavin McWilliams – Senior Engineering Manager

Ivor Bradley – Senior Engineer

Yi Yang – Jiangsu Electric Power Company Research Institute, China (Past PhD Student)

+ PhD Opportunities

+ Related Publications

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