Software-defined networking (SDN) has emerged as an efficient network technology capable of supporting the dynamic nature of future network functions and intelligent applications while lowering operating costs through simplified hardware, software, and management. However, this new networking model brings with it challenges of network performance, scalability, security, and interoperability.

At CSIT, significant research has been undertaken in the area of traffic management technologies and flow-based, performance-driven network hardware development. We build on this expertise in our current research on SDN targeting the specific security challenges of SDN and deriving advanced security architectures without compromising network performance.

SDN Architecture

+ Current Projects

The current projects which are being carried out by the Network Security Systems research cluster in the area of Software Defined Networking (SDN) include:

+ Other Areas of Interest

+ People

Sandra Scott-Hayward - Lecturer

Sakir Sezer - Research Director

Ivor Bradley - Senior Engineer

Andrew Wright – Senior Engineer

Ganesh Chandrasekaran – Research Fellow

+ PhD Opportunities

  • Collaborative Network Threat Detection with SDN & NFV – CSIT PhD Studentship

+ Related Publications

+ Outputs

Webinar - Security in Software Defined Networking (SDN) - August 2013

SDN: Rethinking Network Security - Ethernet Technology Summit, April 2014 

CSIT – SDN Security and Vision for “Real-World” SDN  Open Tech Ireland SDN Gathering, June 2014 (Invited Talk)

Principles and Practices for Securing Software-Defined Networks – Open Networking Foundation Technical Report (ONF TR-511), January 2015

Securing SDN/NFV in Real World Deployments – SDN & NFV 2015, April 2015 (Invited Talk)

OpenFlow Multi-Table Lookup Architecture - ACM Sigcomm Symposium on SDN Research (Co-located with Open Networking Summit 2015), June 2015 (Demo)

 SDN-Driven Configurable Multi-Table Lookup Architecture enabling Future Security Applications – SDN & OpenFlow World Congress, October 2015 (Invited Talk)

SDN – An opportunity for security by design?  IEEE NetSoft– Sec-VirtNet 2016, June 2016 (Invited Keynote)

Security Foundation Requirements for SDN Controllers – Open Networking Foundation Technical Report (ONF TR-529), July 2016

Threat Analysis for the SDN Architecture – Open Networking Foundation Technical Report (ONF TR-530), July 2016

SDN Security – An Evolution, SDN & OpenFlow World Congress, October 2016 (Invited Talk)

SDN Security – In Practice, (ISC)2 Security Congress EMEA, October 2016