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In this paper we explore ways to address the issue of dataset bias in person re-identification by using data augmentation to increase the variability of the available datasets, and we introduce a novel data  augmentation method for re-identification based on changing the image background. We show that use of data augmentation can improve the cross-dataset generalisation of convolutional network based re-identification systems, and that changing the image background yields further improvements


Data Augmentation using Simulated Backgrounds

In this paper we introduce a novel data augmentation method for re-identification based on changing the image background. This increases the diversity of the images presented to the network during training and increases cross-dataset re-identification performance.


We compare the cross-dataset re-identification performance of the network trained using images with simulated background and standard data augmentation, with the network trained using standard data augmentation only

The average cross-dataset rank-1 CMC as the number of training images with simulated backgrounds is varied 



Data-Augmentation for Reducing Dataset Bias in Person Re-identification

N McLaughlin, J Martinez Del Rincon, P Miller

IEEE AVSS, 2015, AMMDS workshop


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