European Week for Waste Reduction

This week is European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR). As part of Queen's commitment to be a low carbon organisation, the University is supporting this European-wide initiative to get people thinking about producing less waste. 

Did you know? Every one of us produces our own body weight in rubbish every six weeks. Reducing waste is even better than recycling. If we can avoid having the waste in the first place, then we save natural resources and landfill space by not having to throw it away. Waste can be reduced by making simple changes to everyday behaviour.

To help you get started here are some 10 simple actions you can take to begin reducing waste.

10 good habits for reducing waste

  • Opt for reusable bags
  • Reduce your junkmail by signing up to the Mail Preferencing Service at or telephone 0845 703 4599
  • Reduce food waste - cook only what you need and reuse your leftovers - log on to the 'Love Food - Hate Waste' website for great 'leftover' recipes from top chefs,
  • Buy loose vegetables rather than pre-packed ones
  • Drink tap water
  • Limit use of the printer
  • Use both sides of the paper for printing and photocopying
  • Start composting
  • Donate old clothing
  • Repair goods and appliances

Waste quiz
People's buying habits and behaviour affect the amount of waste created. Test your knowledge with this waste quiz and learn more about how you can help reduce waste,

What you can do?

Waste can be reduced by making simple changes to everyday behaviour. Please see below tip for waste reduction for Monday through to Friday, covering: