Friday's Tips

Top tips for Shopping & Gifts

You can reduce waste by giving gifts that don't require much, if any, wrapping at all waste. Instead of a product, a gift certificate might be just the thing for someone who would like to begin a new hobby or try something new.

Gift certificate ideas include:

  • Dinner at a restaurant
  • Beauty salon or spa voucher
  • Language lessons
  • Sports classes/lessons
  • National Trust Membership
  • Passes to a museum or special exhibition
  • Tickets to a play

If you happen to receive a gift that you don't want, give it to charity or return it (if possible) rather than throwing it away. There is likely someone out there that would cherish such a gift

Don't buy - Hire
Hire tools or borrow from friends or family for odd jobs, rather than buying your own. Tools for Self Reliance will send your old tools to Africa. You can also check online sites like and to see if anyone is giving away the very tool you are looking for.