Monday's Tips

Top tips for waste reduction at Work

  • Where possible, use email instead of fax or post
  • Use email instead of leaving paper notes
  • Only print out those pages you really need
  • Use both sides of the paper for printing and photocopying
  • Keep used paper in a drawer so you can reuse it for notes and drafts
  • Use paperclips or treasury tags (that can be used over and over again) rather than staples
  • Bring in your own mug for tea and a glass for water, that way you’ll save filling up the waste paper basket with plastic and paper cups
  • Reuse a bottle of water by refilling it with more water to drink – saving you money in the process
  • Bring your lunch in a reusable box instead of using sandwich bags
  • Think about buying coffee or tea in a large packet rather than in small packs; you’ll produce less waste and you’ll save money.

 Did you know?

  • Each UK office worker uses around 10,000 sheets of A4 paper per year.
  • 70 per cent less energy is required to recycle paper compared with making it from raw materials.
  • One staple weighs 0.05 grammes. If each of the UK’s estimated ten million office workers used one less staple a day, 120,000kg (or 12g tonnes) of steel would be saved every year.