Environmental Leadership Programme

The Environmental Leadership programme is a Route A Degree Plus option for Environmental Volunteers at Queen’s University. 

Students have a key role to play in helping reduce the University’s environmental impact. By joining the Environmental Leadership Programme, Queen’s students can gain practical experience in environmental management and improve their employability prospects, all whilst playing a key role in helping the University achieve its low carbon vision. Students also have the opportunity to develop their skills in project management, teamwork and communication and will be well placed to become a future environmental champion in their chosen field.


The 60 hour Programme, which runs across the academic year provides, a pathway for students with an interest in Sustainable Development, Climate Change or Environmental Management to develop new skills, gain valuable experience and enhance their employability; through a series of training sessions, volunteering activities, seminars and the organization of environmental awareness events. 

Environment Leadership Programme - Information for Students

Environmental Leadership Programme Volunteers Booklet 

Environmental Leadership Programme Application

The Programme was shortlisted for as a finalist in the Employability category at the 2017 EAUC Green Gown Awards.  



For more information please contact carbonmanagement@qub.ac.uk