Staff views on carbon

Queen’s carried out a Carbon Awareness Survey among staff in May 2010. The aims of the survey were to find out the levels of knowledge, interest, attitudes and behaviours in relation to carbon management and to examine what motivates staff to reduce carbon emissions. 756 staff took part in the Survey.

Key findings:

  • 69 per cent of participants are interested or very interested in reducing carbon emissions at the University
  • 90 per cent of participants said engaging in carbon-reducing behaviours made them feel better about doing their bit for the environment
  • 75 per cent of participants believe in global warming
  • Obstacles to engaging in carbon reduction behaviour were lack of time and the inability to turn off equipment.
  • The largest obstacle to turning off light switches at work is forgetfulness
  • Participants would like more information from the University on carbon management

Read the full results of the survey by clicking here.