Better World Books

What is it?

Better World Books is a social business which helps us make the most of the books we no longer need. They work in partnership with literacy charities and organisations to sell unwanted books online, the profit from which is ploughed into literacy initiatives to improve the literacy of others worldwide and keeps books out of landfill.

Queen’s currently sends the majority of its unwanted books to Better World Books.


How to send unwanted books to Better World Books

  • Ensure you have approval from Director / Head of department / line manager and that books are definitely not wanted
  • Let others know of the opportunity to get rid of unwanted books
  • Contact Nicola Keown, Assistant Environmental Manager, to let her know how many books you have and how many boxes you will need.
  • Boxes will be delivered to your office
  • Pack up the boxes
  • Put them on Planon to be collected
  • Better World Books will pick them up from the Works Department
  • Don’t forget to tell other people about Better world books

By putting our books back into circulation we reduce the carbon emissions associated with the manufacture, delivery and disposal of unnecessary book purchasing.


Top Tips

  • Ask a colleague to help.
  • Spread the good news. Let others know that you are preventing unwanted books from being sent to landfill.



Assistant Estates Manager

Nicola Keown


Environmental Officer

Caoimhe O'Neill