Our corporate E-bay/Freecycle network, called WARPit, allows staff to redistribute unwanted and underused assets within Queen’s. This avoids unnecessary purchases, saving money and reducing waste going to landfill.


There are two scenarios which mean as an organisation our resources are often wasted:

  1. Due to limited communications, space and time pressures, we often have to dispose of surplus resources because a new owner cannot be found quickly and easily
  2. It is human nature to hoard items that might be needed later – this leads to inefficient use of space and the stored unused resources become obsolete

By using WARPit, we are also able to create sharing relationships with local charities and partner organisations. These relationships have mutual benefits, as the recipient avoids paying for new items whilst the University will avoid paying taxes and charges associated with waste disposal.

To find out more please watch the video below and to sign up go to the Queen’s University Belfast WARPit portal.

Why use WARPit?

Money: By making sharing resources easy, WARPit helps the University cut procurement costs - by avoiding unnecessary purchases, and by allowing the university to share with other local organisations.

Embracing a low carbon future: Re-using unwanted items instead of buying new has major environmental benefits – it reduces waste to landfill, cuts carbon emissions and saves natural resource which get depleted when making new items.  WARPit is part of the University’s embracing a low carbon future campaign for a more sustainable university.

Community: It is also a way of ‘giving back’ to the community. The site allows local organisations (such as schools and local charities) to access any unwanted resources which are unclaimed internally.

For more information on how to use WARPit have a look at this simple guide.