Did you know?

Some 'Did you know' facts to make you think about what you can do to make a difference:

  • A computer left on overnight for a year creates enough CO2 to fill a double-decker bus.
  • Office lights left on overnight use enough energy in a year to heat a home for almost five months.
  • A photocopier left on standby overnight wastes enough energy to make 30 cups of tea.
  • Screen savers are energy wasters. Most computers use about twice as much energy lighting up a screen as they do for processing.
  • A naturally ventilated office saves 10 to 15 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year.
  • A 2°C increase in office temperature creates enough CO2 in a year to fill a hot air balloon.
  • If every UK home reduced their hot water use by just 5 per cent, the CO2 saving would be equivalent to taking nearly 600,000 cars off the roads.
  • An energy efficient bulb produces lower CO2 emissions and can save up to £60 in electricity over its lifetime.
  • Every one hundred reams of recycled paper that is printed double-sided will save more than 1 tonne of greenhouse gas being released into the atmosphere.
  • Each office worker in the UK uses around 10,000 sheets of A4 paper per year.
  • To make a tonne of clothing uses more energy than to make a tonne of steel.
  • The average UK household spends £50 a month on food that could have been eaten but ends up being thrown away.