Purchasing Tips

At Work

  • Buy recycled paper and products.
  • Consult the University Green Buyers Guide for advice and guidance on how to green your Purchasing choices.
  • Arrange the removal of reusable packaging by suppliers.
  • Consider the whole life cost of an item to determine whether it's more cost-effective to invest in a more expensive product initially, in order to reduce costs in the long-run
  • Feedback to the Purchasing Office on green contracts so that Purchasing can work with suppliers to ensure that user needs are met, whilst maximising our ability to 'buy green'
  • Purchase energy-efficient equipment – for example, appliances used in labs (fridges, freezers, etc) with an energy rating of A or higher, and office equipment showing the 'Energy Star' logo 
  • Make energy efficiency a key component of the procurement decision when purchasing scientific/research equipment

At Home

  • Buy Local – Reduce food air miles and support your local economy by buying locally produced food and goods
  • Reduce packaging – say no to excess packaging
  • Lower your clothing carbon footprint - buy recycled clothes

For ten top tips on green procurement, click here.

For more information on purchasing, visit http://actonco2.direct.gov.uk/home/what-you-can-do/Out-shopping.html