Biosciences Project

Student Visit to Strangford Lough
Student Visit to Strangford Lough



The objectives of the CEAIL Biosciences project were:

A. To achieve a better overt match between preparedness for work and employer needs, student development will increasingly involve Active and Interactive methods of teaching through: 


  • Models of curriculum design and delivery that are consistent with active and interactive learning.
  • Enhanced student team-based active learning experiences.
  • Enhanced laboratory and field skills.
  • Supporting staff in the development of appropriate learning materials and methods of facilitation.


B. To establish work experience which is well structured and effective, by:

  • Developing and implementing a work placement programme.
  • Developing active and interactive learning approaches to training in the use of equipment and procedures encountered in the workplace.
  • Embedding awareness of business and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Informing students of career and employability issues.


C. To disseminate and promote of all of the above, to ensure the sustainability of the CEAIL objectives within the School of Biological Sciences.