December 2008

Kathryn Fay, a Queen’s Food Quality, Safety and Nutrition student, was runner up in the Queen’s University’s 2008 Science Shop Student Award.  Kathryn received £350 for her work with the Ulster Cancer Foundation.

Kathryn said: "I looked at information from a range sources about cancer prevention and diet. I was particularly interested in the length of time it can take fruit and vegetables to make their way through the food supply chain, from the farm to the shop and on to our kitchen tables.  I found that while nutritional value may decrease if food is stored incorrectly during travel, the legislation in place helps control and monitor this and is generally successful in ensuring that only high quality produce enters the UK."

Dr Emma McKenna from Queen’s University Science Shop said: "Our judging panel felt that both Fiona (the winner) and Kathryn’s work really met the needs of the voluntary organisations they worked with."