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Abstract Submission

We welcome the submission of abstracts to present discussion papers, the findings from empirical research and presentations of new or promising service/practice developments.

There are four types of presentation formats:

Posters - these are static displays of work that will be placed on display boards for the duration of the conference

Workshops - these are ninety minutes sessions that involve interactive learning and the dissemination of training and/or skills, rather than an extended lecture. Abstracts must specify how participants will be involved in the session

Symposium - these are ninety minute sessions that include three or more presentations that address a common theme. Each symposium has a named chair/convenor who is responsible for identifying the contributors to the symposium, ensuring they submit abstracts and attend the conference. The chair/convenor may also contribute a paper to the symposium. The chair/convenor is required to provide an overview abstract for the symposium but individual contributors submit their own abstracts whcih should have been agreed with the chair/convenor beforehand. The Scientific Committee will communicate with the symposium chair/convenor who is then responsible for communication with the other contributors. This format is particularly well suited to those who are presenting Daphne funded projects

Oral Paper - this involves a thirty minute oral presentation of the key points from some research or new practice development. Presenters should be able to convey a description of the research or practice, and to draw out the key learning. Three oral papers will be presented in each ninety minute session

Key Dates

Abstract submission opens                                                

1st June 2014

Abstract submission closes                                                

30th January 2015

Notification of acceptance of abstracts                                

31st March 2015

Date by which presenters must register for the conference   

22nd May 2015


To submit a proposal (abstract) to present your work at the European Conference on Domestic Violence please complete the online form below. All abstracts will be acknowledged by email and a unique reference number provided. All queries about a submitted abstract should quote the unique reference number. Questions may be directed to the scientific programme committee dvconference@qub.ac.uk 

The format for the abstract is laid out in the following: 

If your presentation will be part of a symposium then please ensure that you enter the symposium title in the field below. If you are not submitting as part of a symposium then please leave this part of the form blank.


Submission deadline: 30th January 2015.

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It is the responsibility of the main presenter to ensure that the correct information is entered into the form below as this information will be printed in the book of abstracts for the conference. It is also the responsibility of the person completing this form to ensure the accuracy of information for multiple presenters/authors. If you are not the contact presenter/author, please supply an alternative name and email address for the contact presenter/author in the additional authors box.

Your details

It is the responsibility of the main presenter to ensure that the correct information for multiple presenters/authors is included. If you are not the contact author, please supply an alternative name and email address for the contact author in the additional authors box.

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