Our aim

To combine research of the highest international quality with an environment that actively promotes the translation of research ideas into wider economic value and impact.

This includes creating spin-out companies, assisting external (spin-in) companies, working with InvestNI and UKTI to promote Foreign Direct Investment and working with companies nationally and internationally to promote technology transfer of research. As such, it is unique, when compared with other UK universities and indeed most universities worldwide. Its active facilitation of economic impact is facilitated through its own in-house commercial and business development team as well as a significant team of industry experienced engineering staff who have permanent contracts analogous to those in high technology companies. It is thus a rather different environment from the conventional academic one that typifies most other QUB schools or departments, both in its structure and activities.

The Commercial team act to facilitate the transfer and exploitation of innovative ideas through a broad range of activities, including:

  • IP licensing
  • Spin-out (through QUBIS Ltd.)
  • Facilitation and support for spin-in companies
  • Joint R&D with industry
  • Creation of Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) schemes
  • Value creation workshops
  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Publications

Commercial Team

Our Commercial Team consists of industrially experienced professional business development, innovation and technical marketing managers who support the translation of research ideas into new products, services and businesses.

Key Contacts

Head of Business Development

Mr Philip Mills
02890 97 1794

Head of Strategic Partnerships & Engagement

Mr David Crozier
02890 97 1754

CSIT Business Development Manager

Miss Judith Millar
02890 97 1757

Innovation Programmes Manager

Mrs Louise Cushnaham 
02890 97 1758

CWI Business Development Manager

Mr Norbert Sagnard
028 9097 1853 

DSSC Business Development Manager

Mr Stuart Campbell 
028 9097 1852 

ECIT Marketing Executive

Miss Helen McCrory  
028 9097 1855 



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