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A global leader in Physical Layer Wireless Communications

CWI is the UK’s largest research, development and exploitation base in physical layer wireless, and one of the strongest in Europe.

We have 60 scientists inventing underpinning technologies for Mobile, Medical and Space applications. Our work focuses on massive MIMO, mmWave cellular comms, retrodirective antennas, flat self-steered high gain active antennas (>24 GHz), secure and energy-efficient small cell networks, high-efficiency switched-mode power amplifiers, electromagnetic media, body-implanted antennas, 5G networks, IoT/Industry 4.0/C-V2X and 5G-V2X, next-generation EO satellites and implantable medical devices.

Mobile World Scholar Gold winner

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5G Networks

Are you passionate about 5G networks?

If you have an MSc or MEng in Electronics, Maths or Physics, enjoy solving the challenges of 5G technologies, like our current PhD student Lei Zhang, who chose CWI to carry out research on "The effect of the human body on mm-wave wireless channels for 5G networks".

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Satellite Communications

Do you want to transform satellite communications?

The space industry is experiencing a boom. We're going to the Moon again and soon to Mars. New satellites will need novel materials to transmit data back to Earth efficiently and swiftly, like those monitoring plastic pollution in the oceans. Join us like Miss Sarah Clendinning who chose to do her PhD at CWI, on "Resonant Frequency Selective Surfaces as Linear to Circular Polarisation Converters" (for the space industry).

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Building advanced structures for spacecrafts

Do you dream of making new spacecrafts work?

Communication technology innovations often start in the military world (think Radar or GPS) but eventually move into the real world. This is what happened to Electromagnetic Energy Absorbing Structures, that our PhD student Gabriel Machado from Brazil is currently researching. He chose CWI to do his PhD and now enjoys pushing the barriers of physics to make the next generation of spacecrafts more efficient in their communications.

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Creating new medical communication networks

Are you interested in how to communicate from within the human body?

Implantable antennas for in-body communications are still an emerging technology and are very costly, as they're designed and calibrated for a single type of human or animal tissue. Matthew Magill, who chose CWI to do his PhD, has designed over the past three years an antenna that can work in any tissue, thus making sensor systems implanted inside living bodies much cheaper to manufacture. His groundbreaking work even won him the award of “Mobile World Scholar” by GSMA, the global association of mobile operators, in February 2018!

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Completing a PhD is a highly rewarding experience.

At CWI you will have the opportunity to work with some of the most passionate researchers in their field. We are currently seeking applications for a variety of research projects in wireless technologies. See our full list of PhD projects available in the link below.

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The lab can accommodate 60 researchers, students and engineers.

Executing a market driven, innovative approach, ECIT works closely with world-leading companies and entrepreneurs to establish the lab’s research objectives focusing on the future of a digital society. Welcoming the announcement of the new lab, Professor Vincent Fusco, Chief Technical Officer of ECIT and leader of microwave research at Queen’s University Belfast for over thirty years, commented: “This partnership with Queen’s University Belfast and Keysight gives us unprecedented measurement and instrumentation capabilities that will transform our microwave and millimeter-wave laboratories to advance our world leading research in this area.”

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A Queen’s University Researcher has been awarded the Best PhD award for 2018 by the European Association for Signal Processing (EURASIP).

Hien Ngo, a Lecturer at the CWI, worked for five years (2010-2015) to produce his thesis on Massive MIMO: Fundamentals and System Designs. Following a highly competitive selection process, Hien has been recognised for the high quality, strong citation indices, and wide adoption of his work in Massive MIMO.

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