Centre for Wireless Innovation

A global leader in Physical Layer Wireless Comms

CWI is the UK’s largest research, development and exploitation base in physical layer wireless, and one of the strongest in Europe. Our 60 scientists invent underpinning technologies for Mobile, Medical and Space applications.

Our work focuses on massive MIMO, mmWave cellular comms, retrodirective antennas, flat self-steered high gain active antennas (>24 GHz), secure and energy-efficient small cell networks, high-efficiency switched-mode power amplifiers, electromagnetic media, and body-implanted antennas, to optimize 5G networks, IoT/Industry 4.0/C-V2X and 5G-V2X, next-gen. EO satellites and implantable medical devices.

Dr. Buchanan's interview at Mobile World Congress 2018

Screenshot of Dr Neil Buchanan Gold MWS

News & Events

Four CWI researchers win GSMA Mobile World Scholars 2018 (Gold & Silver). Meet us at MRE and Wearable Tech Show London.

At Mobile World Congress 2018, our antenna researchers Dr. Neil Buchanan and Prof. Vince Fusco won Gold at the GSMA Mobile World Scholar Challenge. Our researchers Dr. Gareth Conway and Mr. Matthew Magill (postgrad. student) won Silver. Congrats to them for this prestigious accolade from the mobile telecoms industry. Meet our commercial representative Norbert Sagnard at Materials Research Exchange (MRE) on March 12 and at the Wearable Technology Show (March 13-14) in London, to consider collaborating with us on new materials for space and implantable antennas for medical devices.

Video of the Mobile World Scholar Gold winner

Underpinning Technologies


RF through Terahertz Circuits and Front-Ends

mm-Wave Cellular Communications

Antennas, propagation and applied electromagnetics

Retrodirective Antennas for Ground and Space

Communications theory and signal processing

Massive MIMO technologies for 5G and beyond

Sensors and sensing systems

Antennas & Propagation for Bodycentric Communication

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