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DSSC is investigating advancements in Artificial Intelligence and the computational challenges relevant to the big data phenomena. As we enter an Age of data explosion, our researchers are using core machine learning and data science to get insight and prediction from data in heterogeneous forms from billions of sources.

Combined with expertise in emerging large scale and edge architectures, DSSC is working to provide this generation with AI at Scale, helping to break through current limitations in medicine, security, sustainability and commerce.

DSSC PhD Student Creates Algorithm for Detecting Insurance Fraud

Jiawen Sun has created a software system which can efficiently analyse graph-structured data with the potential to rapidly detect insurance fraud.

Jiawen Sun, who is from Tianjin, China, explains: “Organisations are collecting increasing amounts of data, which is usually represented by graphs and can be useful for detecting fraud. However, as data sets grow into the trillions of bytes and beyond, this creates problems in high-performance computing, making it very hard to use the computer at full capacity. “The algorithm I have created means that we can now process this information quickly and efficiently, enabling organisations to tackle issues such as insurance fraud.”

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Forbes has predicted that by 2025 more than 80 billion devices, including smartphones, will be connected to the internet and 180 trillion gigabytes of data will be generated.

Eventually The Cloud will not be able to cope with the billions of devices seeking data processing.

DSSC Researchers Dr Blesson Varghese and Nan Wang have been working on a solution to this problem using “Edge Computing” technology.

They have designed an Edge Computing system and developed a software framework for providing computing services on the system.

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Completing a PhD is a highly rewarding experience.

At DSSC you will have the opportunity to work with some of the most passionate researchers in their field. We are currently seeking applications for a variety of research projects. See our full list of PhD projects available in the link below.

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