Millimetre-wave massive MIMO


  • Millimetre-wave massive MIMO

Millimetre-wave massive MIMO

Principal Supervisor: Dr. Michalis Matthaiou 

Second Supervisor: Dr. Youngwook Ko

+ Project Description

Millimetre-wave massive MIMO (multiple-input multiple-output) avails of the vast available bandwidth at mm-frequencies, smaller form factors than designs implemented at current frequencies, reduced RF interference, channel orthogonality, and large beamforming/multiplexing gains. Yet, the practical design of mm-Wave massive MIMO faces many fundamental challenges. For example under the current 4G system architectures future massive MIMO base stations (BSs) will deploy hundreds of antenna units each connected with a dedicated RF chain. Such topologies are likely to scale badly into the millimetre wave regime, thereby creating new challenges in respect of energy consumption, electronic circuit area and signal processing algorithms. In this project, we will investigate and develop novel hybrid massive MIMO systems, where a portion of processing in the baseband (digital) and the remaining portion in the RF band (analogue) with a reduced number of RF chains (compared to conventional MIMO systems).

+ How to Apply

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Supervisor Name: Dr Michalis Matthaiou    

Queens University of Belfast
School of EEECS
Centre for Wireless Innovation (CWI)
NI Science Park
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