Stealth Technology Based on Thin Microwave Absorbing Materials


  • Stealth Technology Based on Thin Microwave Absorbing Materials

Stealth Technology Based on Thin Microwave Absorbing Materials

Principal Supervisor: Dr. Robert Cahill

Second Supervisor: Prof. Vincent Fusco

+ Project Description

Microwave absorbers are used for many applications including indoor and outdoor antenna pattern measurement systems, shielding of electronic equipment from electromagnetic interference and for reducing the radar crossection of structures such as wind turbines. There are generally two methods which are used to suppress backscatter radiation; (1) carbon loaded radar absorbing materials (RAM) or coatings to transform the electromagnetic energy into heat, and (2) shaping of the object to scatter energy away from the receiver. For many emerging applications of wireless technology it is not always possible to use classical microwave absorbers because these are often physically too thick and/or the bandwidth too narrow to operate successfully. The purpose of this project is to develop new design and manufacturing strategies which can be employed to create a new class of absorbers that will provide a significantly better performance than traditional RAM. For radar cloaking of metal objects these should operate over a wide bandwidth, independent of the angle of incidence and polarisation of the incident radar signals. In addition the absorber arrangements, which will be based on resistively loaded Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSS), should be simple and cheap to construct and exhibit desirable mechanical properties such as flatness and a very thin profile which makes them suitable for conformal mounting on vehicle platforms. The analysis and design of the FSS based microwave absorbers will use commercially available computational analysis programmes and the results will be validated using experimental methods in a state of the art microwave laboratory.

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+ Contact Details

Supervisor Name: Dr Robert Cahill

Queens University of Belfast
School of EEECS
Centre for Wireless Innovation (CWI)
NI Science Park
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