CSIT partners with ETRI on ₩380M IoT security project


CSIT partners with ETRI on ₩380M IoT security project

Belfast, United Kingdom and Daejeon, Republic of Korea – 20 October 2016: The Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT) and the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) have just embarked on the first phase of a ₩380M (£275K) collaboration as part of a larger multi-partner project (KeyHAS) to develop and test novel technologies for internet of things (IoT) security. CSIT is the UK’s national Innovation and Knowledge Centre (IKC) for cyber security research. ETRI is Korea's largest government-funded research institute.

The project will see CSIT design and build new Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) technology, build a new PUF testbed and carry out a threat analysis study on the security requirements for cryptography key protection using PUF. Furthermore, CSIT will use the new testbed to evaluate PUF technology which Korean partner, ICTK, develops.  ICTK (ICTK Co., Ltd.) is a global Transaction & Security Solution Provider that serves more than 200 clients worldwide, including card/terminal manufacturers, card issuers, network operators, banks and government agencies.

Speaking from Korea, where he is attending the 1st annual Open Workshop for the KeyHAS project, Dr Godfrey Gaston, CSIT Director, said: “The 'Internet of Things' is opening up new attack vectors which are being exploited by criminals to launch attacks on networks and systems. Secure and robust trust anchors are required to ensure that future machine to machine communications are safe from interception and other forms of fraudulent and malicious activity.”

“CSIT and ETRI have developed a strong collaborative relationship over many years of engagement. This project cements that and opens up new global markets for our Physical Unclonable Function technology for IoT security applications.”


KeyHAS Partners are ETRI (Korea), ICTK (Korea), Secure IC (France) and Purdue University (United States). Funding for the project has been provided by IITP (Korean Government).

CSIT partners with ETRI on ₩380M IoT security project

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