Congratulations Trung Duong For Winning An IEEE Best Paper Award


Trung Duong Globecom 2016 Best Paper Award BPA

We at ECIT would like to congratulate Dr Trung Duong for winning an IEEE Best Paper Award (BPE), for his paper, "QoE-Oriented Resource Efficiency for 5G Two-tier Cellular Networks: A FemtoCaching Framework". Dr Trung has also recently won the Vice-Chancellor's Research Prize.

This is the 59th GLOBECOM conference, which started back in 1957. This conference is the most prestigious conference in the field of telecommunications. There were 2497 submissions for this award, with an acceptance rate of 36.87%, and of that, the best paper award rate is 0.64%. So another very well deserved congratulations to Dr Trung!

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And finally, here's a brief summary of Dr Trung's winning paper:
5G era has blossomed into offering a rich set of advanced and value-added services, e.g., e-banking, e-learning, e-health, e-marketing, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Consequently, compared to 2015, it is estimated that the global mobile data traffic will increase nearly eightfold by 2020 and three-fourths of it will be occupied by video streaming applications and services (VASs). This proliferation prompts the network operators to put more urgent efforts into proposing disruptive optimization design of techniques, protocols, and standardizations to close the gap between quantity (number of users/devices, i.e., 1.5 mobile devices per capita), quality of experience (QoE), and resource consumption.
We therefore propose a femtocaching framework of QoE-oriented resource efficiency optimized cooperative VASs over 5G two-tier cellular networks (TCNs), which can provide a number of advantages: higher QoE, i.e., lower latency for high hit rate, continuous playback due to lower jitter and delay, better playback quality; improved spectral efficiency, and less bottleneck (i.e., bandwidth consumption) at the base stations (BSs). Our proposed scheme meets the technical road map of 5G, which has been developed rapidly to serve a massive number of mobile users not only VASs but also many other advanced and value-added services.

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