Royal Academy of Engineering Research awared a Fellowship to ECIT Researcher


The Royal Academy of Engineering, with additional support from the Lloyd’s Register Foundation, has awarded eight Research Fellowships to some of the UK’s top engineering researchers working on projects from X-ray imaging to antibiotic resistance.

Tackling issues in medical science, computing and mechanical engineering, each of the funded projects has been selected to address a critical or unresolved issue in engineering. The projects will build on recent scientific developments to provide practical solutions that can be deployed in a lab, home, or factory.

As well as having the potential to make a significant impact on both industry and the research community, the Fellowships will help talented engineering academics establish their research careers by providing financial support and mentoring for the next five years.

ECIT's Dr Duong will bring together advances in signal processing to help develop a two-tier network system for wireless traffic. A two-tier system has been proposed to increase the capacity of the available wireless spectrum, as the number of wireless devices increases exponentially.


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