Business, Operations and Support

Business, Operations and Supporting Staff

Commercial Team

GRI/ CSIT Business Director 

Dr Godfrey Gaston
02890 97 1717

Head of Strategic Partnerships & Engagement

Mr David Crozier
02890 97 1754

Head of Business Development

Mr Philip Mills
02890 97 1794

Innovation Programmes Manager

Mrs Louise Cushnahan 
02890 97 1758

CSIT Business Development Manager

Miss Judith Millar
02890 97 1757

CWI Business Development Manager

Mr Norbert Sagnard
028 9097 1853 

DSSC Business Development Manager

Mr Stuart Campbell
02890 97 1852 

Marketing Executive

Miss Helen McCrory

028 9097 1855


RISE Business Development Manager

Mr Ed Montgomery



Information Services

Information Services Manager 

Mr Richard Ruddock

Systems Analyst / Programmer

Mrs Julie Baine

Computer Engineer

Mrs Lisa Connolly

Computer Engineer

Mr Kenneth McCann

Computer Technician

 Chris Killen


Computer Technician Placement Student

Emma McCormick

Professional Services

GRI/ CSIT Operations Manager 

Miss Paula Dougherty

Personal Assistant to ECIT Director

Miss Lisa Rutherford 


Personal Assistant for the Centre for Secure Information Technologies

Jill Doherty

GRI/CSIT Clerical Officer 

Emma Patterson

GRI/CSIT Clerical Officer 

Clare McMahon 

Innovation Programme Assistant

 Mrs Caroline O'Neill

DSSC Clerical Officer (Based in HoS Office)

Ann Marie McFall


Personal Assistant for Centre for Wireless Innovation

Mrs Michelle McCusker

ECIT Clerical Officer 

Ricards  Estemirovs 

Clerical Support for Research Theme Leads

Martyn Henry