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LIST OF PRESENTATIONS – Please click on title to download presentation

Marta Araújo
The Colour That Dares Not Speak Its Name: Schooling And ‘The Myth Of Portuguese Anti-Racism’.

John Baker
What is Economic Inequality?

Brigid Barron
Supporting Family Carers (presented by Geraldine Fennell)

Sara Boyce and Marina Monteith
How Do You Measure Whether Government Is Effectively Delivering On Its Children’s Rights Obligations?

Geraldine Boyle
Care And Justice: Equality And Social Justice For Whom?

Richard Buchanan
Equality and Diversity Across the Board in Northern Ireland – What is the Evidence

Marguerite Cassin,
Routine Regimes: Systemic Discrimination, Inequality and Privilege

Marguerite Cassin Eithne McLaughlin and
Romana Khaoury
Complex Forms Of Discrimination: An Assessment Of The Development And Potential Application Of Concepts Of Complex Forms Of Discrimination.

Harriett Churchill
Tackling Poverty and Supporting Parenting in the UK:The Policy Implications of Maternal Perceptions of Commitments and Constraints.

Norin Clancy
CEDAW as a Tool for Achieving Equality

Julian Clarke and Stuart Speeden
Measuring Equality Improvement Processes: User Scrutiny Of Local Authorities

Karola Dillenburger, Montse Fargas, & Rym Akhonzada
People Affected By Violence: Can Community Services Promote Equality And Social Inclusion?

Oran Doyle
Indirect Discrimination and Substantive Inequality

Alessandra Fantini
Care and Gender

Maggie Feeley
Exploring The Emotional In Care: A Critique Of The ‘Rational Economic Actor’ Thesis
An Affective Perspective On Literacy And Equality

Dermot Feenan
Situating Rights, Equality & Social Inclusion: Sexuality in
Ireland (North) 

Geraldine Fennell
Carers are Vulnerable: Implications for NI Legislation

M. Kate. Flynn and Tony King
Public History and the Public Past: Symbolic Reparation as Nation-Building in Post-Apartheid South Africa

Maeve Foreman,
Migrants, HIV And Ireland -Equality Of Care?

Anca Gheaus,
Care, Luck and Equality

Caoimhe Gleeson
Equal Status Review- HSE-NW- A Measurement For Counting Inequality in Health? 

Bernie Grummell,
The ‘Second Chance’ Myth: Equality of Opportunity in Irish Adult Education Policies

Dr. Subhash Gupta
Exodus Within Borders:
Kashmir as a Case Study 

Nancy Hansen
Recognizing Difficult History Strengthening Our Future

Colin Harvey
A Shared Agenda? The Law and Politics of Human Rights and Equality

Liz Heffernan,
“Judicial Governance and the Rules of Evidence: Myth and Marginalisation”

Paddy Hillyard Demi Patsios
“A Daughter to ELSI – NILSI: A Standard of Living Index for
Northern Ireland”. 

Horgan, Goretti
Poverty Among Carers In
Northern Ireland

Dr Jim Jamison, Richard Buchanan, Prof Roy Carr-Hill, Paul Dixon, Donal McDade
Equality and Diversity Across the Board in Northern Ireland
– Methodological Considerations 

Jackie Jones
Equality and Social Inclusion in the 21st century

Grainne Ketelaar
Political Disaffection and Educational Policy

Anna Kingston
Sharing The Maternal Care: Rethinking Service Provision For Children With Special Needs 

Kathleen Lynch
The Formal Economy And The Effective Domain: What Is Not Commodifiable 

Kathleen Lynch Maureen Lyons
Degrees of Life for Life Trading: Care As The Antithesis Of The ‘Rational Economic Man’ Thesis 

Anne-Marie McGauran
In a State of

Eithne McLaughlin and Bronagh Byrne
Disability and Equality: The Case of Further and Higher Education

Eithne McLaughlin and Marina Monteith
Building The Case For Equality Within The Neoliberal Hegemony: The Public Expenditure Costs Of Inequality. Towards An Estimate For
Northern Ireland.

Joanna McMinn
Valuing Women's Care Work - Models for Change MWCI

Georg. P. Mueller
On the Use of Entropy Measures for the Operationalisation of Social Inequality and Exclusion 

Timothy Murphy
Democratic Schooling Practices In The Republic Of Ireland: The Gap Between The Rhetoric And The Reality

Cláudia Nogueira Pedro Brinca Sara Magalhãe
Gender-Specific Effects, Attitudes And Strategies In A Context Of Over-Indebtedness Risk

Maeve O'Brien
The Emotional Work of Care

Rory O’Connell
Dignity and Substantive Equality

Richard O´Leary, Yaojun Li
Beyond Unemployment: Further Differences In Catholic And Protestant Performance In The Northern Ireland Labour Market

Jacqui O’Riordan
Lessons in Learning to Care: A Journey through Alzehimer’s Disease

O’Toole, Jackie
Gender And Sexuality In Social Care

Niamh Reilly 
Feminist Transformation of Human Rights 

Lena Royant
Economic Inequalities, And Finance And Consulting Multinationals: Representing (Gender) Equality?

Jennifer Simon and Denise Donnelly
Left Out Of The Global Loop:‘States Of Denia
l’ And African American Undergraduate Student Participation In Study Abroad Programs 

Anne Smith and Eithne McLaughlin
Mainstreaming Equality: The Statutory Equality Duties and the Bill of Rights in Northern Ireland

Lisa Smyth and Dr Cillian McBride
Justice and the Milk of Human Kindness: breastfeeding, care and equality

Emily Steinberg
Deaf Irish Mothers And Reproductive Healthcare: Identifying Inequalities and Documenting Experiences

Dr. Mrs. Manju Subhash
Girl Child-Not Charity, But Justice

Ruth Sutherland, Rethink
A future without exclusion

Peter Tonge,
Rape as a War Crime: State Sanctioned Degradation of Women

S. Venkatesan
Social Inequality in Millennium Development Goals Disparities in Levels and Progress among Social Groups in India


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