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Measuring Equality and Social Inclusion
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About Us

This project sets out to further develop Irish scholarship on the nature of equality and social inclusion in Ireland.  The project has two principle objectives:

First, to apply leading national and international scholarship on equality to peace building and social development in Ireland.

Second, to further develop equality scholarship through dialogue between the academy and those involved in equality politics and community action, and through collaboration between scholars in the North and South of Ireland.

This project brings together leading scholars of equality and social inclusion who are based in a society of overt political conflict and social division with those in a society of covert social division and an absence of political violence. These two contrasting contexts inevitably affect the way we think and relate to issues of equality and social inclusion. The interchange of scholars brought together from these contrasting contexts will contribute to sustained scholarly development in this area.

Developing more sophisticated understandings of the nature of equality, the ways in which it can be achieved, and its benefits for the creation of a just society with a high level of social and economic development is a critical component of promoting peace and social inclusion in Ireland in the future. 

The project takes place through five strands of activity:



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