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Equality and Care Conference
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Equality and Care Conference

Exploring Love, Care and Solidarity in Ireland

A Day Conference held on Friday 24th June 2005, Armagh City Hotel, ARMAGH

The ‘Equality, Care and Social Inclusion’ day conference explored the equality issues involved in the dimension of care, love and solidarity and the relationship between this dimension and other dimensions of equality outlined in Baker et al (2004) ‘Equality: From Theory to Action’. Presentations by members of the project steering group of the theoretical and empirical research being undertaken by the project in the area of equality and care were followed by reflections from invited respondents and discussion with conference participants from a range of voluntary, statutory and academic agencies in

The day began by looking at care, love and solidarity within an equality framework and why issues of love, care and solidarity are central to debates about equality and social justice. The notion and language of social inclusion was then explored. A consideration of the implications of concepts, philosophies and practices of equality for disabled people was illustrated by a case study of the experience of young people with sensory impairments in higher education.

The afternoon focused on the findings of empirical research being carried out by the project on care-giving and care-receiving in Ireland, and relating these findings to the project’s theorizing on equality and care. Quantitative and qualitative research findings were presented on the care relationships of children, informal care in families, and formal care in institutional settings. Recurring themes were the relationship of gender and care, the matter of time and care, the various relationships between paid work and care, the value of care, and yet the inequalities inherent in care.

In drawing the day to a close, the conference reflected on the fragmentation of the voices of those involved in care relationships and the need to resist attempts to devalue the concept and practice of care while at the same time addressing the equality issues care presents.

Conference Presentations from:

John Baker (Senior Lecturer, Equality Studies Centre, UCD)
Geraldine Boyle (Project Associate, University of Bradford)
Bronagh Byrne (Project Steering Group Member, QUB)
Kathleen Lynch (Professor of Equality Studies, UCD)
Maureen Lyons (Research Fellow, Equality Studies Centre, UCD)
Caroline McAuley (Project Researcher, QUB)
Eithne McLaughlin (Professor of Social Policy, QUB)
Marie Moran (Research Scholar, Equality Studies Centre, UCD)
Fran Porter (Research Fellow in Equality, QUB)


Bronagh Hinds (Institute of Governance, Public Policy and Social Research, QUB)
Geraldine Clarke (Caring for Carers)
Joanna McMinn (National Women’s Council of Ireland)
Mary Murphy (Labour Party)

For more information contact:   
Gillian Purdy, School of Sociology and Social Policy
Queen’s University Belfast 
g.purdy@qub.ac.uk  Telephone: 028 9097 1243

The Equality and Social Inclusion in Ireland Project is a joint project of Queen’s University Belfast, University College Dublin and the University of Ulster.

Marie Moran
John Baker
Eithne McLaughlin
Geraldine Boyle

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