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Project Publications

Project Working Papers

1  Inequality in the North and South of Ireland

in progress, 

 2 Conceptualising (in)equality
 3  Love Care and Solidarity: The Inalienablity of Love Labouring available shortly
 4  Women and the Moral Imperative to Care in progress, 
 5 Eighty Years of Talking about Equality in Northern Ireland: A History of Equality Discourses and Practices


 6  Skeletons in the Human Rights' Cupboard? Social Theory, Equality of Opportunity and Human Rights in the Post Liberal Post Modern Era


Equality Sensitive Measures
 8 The Equality Chameleon, Traits, Passing, Multiple Identities, 'Groupism' and (In)equality

 in progress,




 Disability and Equality Theory

Disability and Equality, the problem of care

in progress, 
 10  Beyond Employment: Futher differences in Catholic and Protestant performance in Northern Ireland labour market r.oleary@qub.ac.uk
 11  Equality and Social Policy: Mapping a Territory in progress, 
 12 The Equality Issues facing Working Parents in Northern Ireland in progress, 
 13 The Ethics of Care and the Care of Adults in Northern Ireland e.mclaughlin@qub.ac.uk
 14  Rationalities of Care: Care as the Antithesis of the 'Rational Economic Man' thesis in progress, 
 15  Mainstreaming Equality: The Statutory Duties and The Bill of Rights in Northern Ireland e.mclaughlin@qub.ac.uk
 16 The Equality Debate in England, Wales and Scotland - a post- devolution comparative perspective in progress, 
 17 Social Indicators: Approaches to Monitoring (In)Equality in progress, 
 18  What Makes People Happy? Some Evidence from Northern Ireland  
 19 Bridging the Gap between the Measurement of Poverty and of Deprivation
 20 Is There a "Social Gradient" to Health Outcome? Some Evidence from Northern Ireland
 21  Disability and Equality: the case of young adults and third level education in northern ireland
 22  Social Exclusion and the Limits of Pragmatic Liberalism  available shortly
 23  The Economics of Care: Poverty and Inequality in Caring  in progress, 
 24 Equality and Inclusion: The Case of Young People with Sensory Disabilities in further and higher education in Northern Ireland  in progress, 
 25  Time to Care  in progress, 
 26 Severe Child Poverty and Social Exclusion in Northern Ireland  
 27  The Philosophy of Equality of Condition available shortly
 28 Equality and Education: A Framework for Theory and Action
 29  Equality in Education: An Equality of Condition Perspective available shortly
 30 Bias in Interview Data created by Prescence of a Third Party: Methodological Isses in a Study of Intra-household deprivation available shortly 
 31  Access to Leisure, Education and Training and Care Responsibilities available shortly 
 32 Public Childcare Services in Northern Ireland   in progress, 
 33 Equality & Modernity: Popular meanings of equality – a method exploration in progress, 
 34 Counting on the Social Model of Disability: A case study of disability and illness population survey questions in progress, 
 35  The Alchemy of Social Justice and the Beauty of Equality in progress, 
 36 Building the Case for Equality: towards a public expenditure estimate of the costs of inequalities for Northern Ireland in progress, 
 37  Responding to Child Poverty: Developing antipoverty and equality strategies: best practices and standards
 38  Rights and Affective Equality in progress, 
 39 Past Imperfect, Present Tense, Future Foreboding: Equality Conflict and Peacebuilding  in Northern Ireland in progress, 
40 Disability, Poverty and Social Exclusion in Northern Ireland in progress, 
41 What is Ecomonic Inequality? john.baker@ucd.ie
42 Communicative Justice and Public Policy-Making: towards a respectable knowledge pluralism in progress, 
43 Towards a Humanist, Holistic and Multidisciplinary Understanding of Human Development and Social Progress in progress, 
44 Towards a Critical Socio-Legal Understanding of Compliance with Equality and Human Rights Provision in progress, 
 45  Complex Forms of Discrimination: should systemic and institutional discrimination be prohibited? in progress, 

The Northern Ireland Minister for Children, Lord Rooker, will be holding a roundtable discussion with the children's NGO sector on 1 November 2005.  Three of the papers produced by this project are of particular relevance to those discussions 

Other Project Publications

Borooah, Vani K. 'Bridging the Gap Between the Measurement of Poverty and of Deprivation' Applied Economics Letters, Volume 12, Number 6, pp 383-389, May 2005

McLaughlin, E., Porter, F., and McAuley, C. (2004)  'Inequality in Northern Ireland: Narcissism of Minor Difference? SCOPE, July/August, p.17.

McLaughlin, E. 'More Equal than Others' review of Baker et al (2004) 'Equality: From Theory to Action' in Village 6-12 Nov p.66.

Governance and Social Policy in Northern Ireland: The Devolution Years (1999 - 2004) (in print) IN Powell, M, Bauld, L, and Clarke, K (eds) Social Policy Review No 17, Bristol, SPA and the Policy Press

Porter, F. (2004) 'Equality, So Many Meanings' SCOPE, Dec2004/Jan2005 p.21.


Related Publications (by Steering Group Members)

Baker, K., Lynch, K., Cantillon, S.,  and Walsh, J. (2004) Equality: From Theory to Action , Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillian

Cantillon, S. et al. (eds) (2001) Rich and Poor: Perspectives on Tackling Inequality in Ireland, Dublin: Oak Tree Press.

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McLaughlin, E., and Faris, N. (2004) The Northern Ireland Statutory Equality Duty: An Operational Review - report prepared for the NIO, Belfast: NIO


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