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Professor George Hutchinson

Image of Professor Hutchinson

Chair of Rural & Environmental Economics

Postal Address:
Gibson Institute for Land, Food and Environment
School of Biological Sciences
Queen's University Belfast
Medical Biology Centre
97 Lisburn Road
Belfast BT9 7BL

Room:  01.415B
Telephone:  +44 (0)28 9097 2321
Fax:  +44 (0)28 9097 5877


Professor Hutchinson has degrees in economics and business administration and a PhD in Environmental Valuation Economics.  His main research interest is in methodological issues associated with Discrete Choice Contingent Valuation and Choice Modelling two methods much used in environmental, health and safety economics.  He has worked full time in this research area since 1991.

Professor Hutchinson has published more than 40 topic related papers in international peer-reviewed journals including The Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, and Ecological Economics and presented papers at major international conferences such as the American Economic Association, the Royal Economic Society and The Economic Science Association.  He has led projects under the EU Framework's CAMAR Programme (contract 8001-CT90-0008) and EU LEADER II and INTER REG Programmes.  With a US University he is partner in two US National Science Foundation Grants (2000) and (2004) for research into Management; Decision Making and Risk.  He has also led research projects for the Department of the Environment and for the Republic of Ireland's Research Stimulus Fund.  He has acted as Consultant to the OECD, The European Commission, the Department of the Environment, and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.  Professor Hutchinson's work is cited in the UK Treasury Green Book on the Economics of Public Sector Project Appraisal.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Module Co-ordinator 115ALU209 Food Marketing
  • Module Co-ordinator 110ALU224 Environmental Management & Policy
  • Module Co-ordinator 105ALU325 Environmental Assessment

Further details on these modules can be obtained by entering the specific code into the Book of Modules

Indicators of Esteem

  • Member of DEFRA Academic Economists Advisory Panel, DEFRA, London, Consultant on the benefits of  implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive 2006 -
  • Co-Investigator on 2 US National Science Foundation Grants with Professors Carson (Colorado) 2001 -
  • Plenary Speaker, European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists Conference,  Budapest Hungary, 2004
  • Invited Speaker, 2 papers, World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists, Monterey California, 2002

Selected Publications

Susan M. Chilton, Diane Burgess and W. George Hutchinson (2006). The relative value of farm animal welfare.  Ecological Economics, 59(3): 353-363.

Anthony C. Burton, Katherine S. Carson, Susan M. Chilton and W. George Hutchinson (2003). An experimental investigation of explanations for inconsistencies in responses to second offers in double referenda.  Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 46(3): 472-489.

Riccardo Scarpa, W. George Hutchinson, Susan M. Chilton and Joseph Buongiorno (2000). Importance of forest attributes in the willingness to pay for recreation: a contingent valuation study of Irish forests.  Forest Policy and Economics, 1(3-4): 315-329.

Riccardo Scarpa, Susan M. Chilton, W. George Hutchinson and Joseph Buongiorno (2000). Valuing the recreational benefits from the creation of nature reserves in Irish forests.  Ecological Economics, 33(2): 237-250.

Susan M Chilton and W.George Hutchinson (1999). Some Further Implications of Incorporating the Warm Glow of Giving into Welfare Measures: A Comment on the Use of Donation Mechanisms by Champet al.  Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 37(2): 202-209.

W. George Hutchinson and Susan M. Chilton (1999). Combining preference ordering and contingent valuation methods to assess non market benefit of alternative afforestation projects.  Journal of Rural Studies, 15(1): 103-109.

W. George Hutchinson, John Davis and Susan M. Chilton (1995). Theoretical and spatial limits to the value of rural environmental benefits:  Evidence from the forestry sector.  Journal of Rural Studies, 11(4): 397-404.

Contact Information

The School of Biological Sciences
Gibson Institute for Land Food & Environment
Room 01.409
Medical Biology Centre
Lisburn Road
Belfast BT9 7BL
Tel:  028 9097 5787

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