11th International Mammalogical Congress (IMC11)


 Each symposium is convened by 1 or more convenors. The role of the convenors, broadly, is to solicit papers from relevant researchers, and comment on the papers submitted through the open system. Spoken papers are 15 plus 5 minutes (for questions and moving between parallel sessions) but may at the discretion of the convenors start with keynote speakers who would have 30 plus 10 minutes. 

Symposia will mainly comprise 12-15 spoken papers but shorter symposia on more specialist topics will be permitted (minimum 6 papers).  Where symposia fail to attract sufficient interest (< 6 papers) or submitted papers fall outside advertised symposia but nevertheless are of interest to the Congress, material will be included in General Symposia.

Poster sessions will be themed in support of Symposia on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Poster abstracts are submitted through the open system.

Each Symposium has a number for use during submission of abstracts.


Workshops:  IMC11 is interested in hearing from individuals and groups who would like to organise workshops or short informal meetings during IMC11.  Time and space are available without charge.  Please contact Ian Montgomery:
















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