What is If I were Jack?

If I Were Jack is an educational resource about teenage men and unintended pregnancy. It includes an interactive video drama which tells the story of Jack, who has just found out that his girlfriend Emma is pregnant…[Learn More]

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What is it for?

The resource has been designed for use within the relationship and sexuality education (RSE) curricula of post-primary schools in Ireland and Northern Ireland although it also has potential for use internationally…[Learn More]

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Who can use it?

If I were Jack can be used by teenagers in same-sex or mixed-sex classrooms, and can be delivered by teachers or RSE facilitators. While the resource is intended to be used in schools there is also potential…[Learn More]

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Who developed it?

The resource has been developed by a research team at Queen’s University Belfast in partnership with professional advisory groups and end-users in Ireland. Professional partners include representatives from...[Learn More]

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