What is If I Were Jack?

If I were Jack Video Still

The If I Were Jack educational resource includes an interactive video drama (IVD) which tells the story of an unexpected pregnancy from a teenage man’s perspective. It also contains educational materials to assist teachers in using the IVD in the classroom, a training package for teacher trainers and web-based educational material for parents.

If I Were Jack is designed to help young people avoid an unintended pregnancy during their teenage years. It is especially intended to help young men become aware of their responsibilities in avoiding an unintended pregnancy during adolescence.

The resource invites both male and female users to put themselves in Jack’s shoes encouraging them to reflect on the consequences of such a situation in their own lives. The key educational aims of the resource are to provide young men and women with:

  • Increased awareness of the potential negative consequences of unintended pregnancy and available support services; 
  • Increased awareness of personal attitudes, values and beliefs in relation to unintended pregnancy;
  • Improved self-efficacy in communicating about unintended pregnancy; and
  • Increased awareness of gender norms associated with unintended pregnancy.

Excerpts from both versions of the IVD (without the interactive questions) may be viewed by clicking on the videos below.

PLEASE NOTE Development of the resource is now complete and we are currently running an evaluation study in schools in Northern Ireland. 

 Both versions of the IVD were produced by the Video Services department at Queen's University Belfast.