July 2017

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"I Hope we can stop it!" The Rise of Sinn Fein

2017-07-19 # Sinn Fein Lecture 1On Wednesday 19th July we were very lucky to have renowned historian Professor Diarmaid Ferriter speak at our lunchtime lecture at the Ulster Museum looking at the Rise of Sinn Fein in Ireland in 1917. Professor Ferriter spoke about the formation of the party and some of the prominent figures within the movement and the role the younger generations played in its success in the 1917 elections. The mistaken belief amongst many that the Easter Rising was a Sinn Fein rebellion played a large part in their surge in popularity as public opinion began to turn against the British government and their treatment of the rebels, exacerbated further by the threat of conscription. We heard about the role of women and not only the perspective of Unionists but also the British government in what was a fascinating lecture which sparked an engaging Q and A session afterwards.‌2017-07-19 # Sinn Fein Lecture 2

The next lecture will take place on Wednesday 13th September by Dr. Tomas MacConmara and is entitled ‘Drawing the Naked Sword- the Mountjoy Hunger Strike of 1917 and the death of Thomas Ashe’


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