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Conference Programme

'God's Revolution?
Faith and Impiety in Revolutionary
Mexico, 1910-1940'

Queen's University Belfast, 14-15 October 2005

Conference Programme

Friday 14 October 2005

Venue: Peter Frogatt Centre, Room 302 (3 on map)

Revolutionary ‘religions’?

0900 – Registration and welcome

0930 – Prof. Jean-Pierre Bastian, Marc Bloch University Strasbourg (France)  

‘Protestantes, Francmasones, y Espíritas: Sociabilidades Religiosas No-Católicas y Movimiento Revolucionario en México, 1910-1920’

1030 – Dr. Keith Brewster, University of Newcastle (UK)

‘Ethereal Allies: Spiritism and the Revolutionary Struggle’

1130 – Coffee

1200 – Prof. Alan Knight, University of Oxford (UK)

‘The Mentality and Modus Operandi of Revolutionary Anticlericalism’

1300 – Lunch (Canada Room, First Floor, Lanyon Building)

1400 – Dr. Adrian Bantjes, University of Wyoming (USA)

‘Making Sense of Iconoclasm: Popular Responses to the Destruction of Religious Images in Revolutionary Mexico’

1500 – Dr. Benjamin Smith, Michigan State University (USA)

"Anticlericalism, Resistance, and the Birth of the PAN in the Diocese of Huajuapam de Leon, 1930-1950"

1600 – Coffee

1630 – Dr. Robert Curley, University of Guadalajara (Mexico)

‘Christian Democracy in Cristero Jalisco: The Archdiocese of Guadalajara in    the 1920s’

1900 – Wine Reception (Visitor’s Centre, Ground Floor, Lanyon Building)

2000 – Conference Dinner (Beatrice Kennedy’s, 44 University Road)

Saturday 15 October 2005

Venue: Elms Suite, Elms Village (49 on map)

The Elms Suite is located on the lower ground floor of the Elms Student Centre, which is 100 yards beyond Elms Village Reception. A taxi will be on hand to take ponentes/oyentes to the Elms Village from the Tara Lodge from 8:30 a.m.-9 a.m.

A Revolution in spirit?

0900 – Dr. Jean Meyer, Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económica (Mexico)       

‘El Conflicto Religioso en Oaxaca. ¿Un Caso Excepcional?’

1000 – Matthew Butler, Queen’s University Belfast (UK)

‘Revolution and the Ritual Year: Religious Persecution and Innovation in Cristero Mexico, 1926-1929’

1100 – Coffee

1115 – Dr. Fernando Cervantes, University of Bristol (UK)

‘Revolutionary Nation, Traditional Piety: The Persistence of Colonial Religion    in Modern Mexico’

1215 – Dr. Kristina Boylan, State University of New York - IT (USA)

‘“She Forced Me”: Revolutionary and Not-So-Revolutionary Negotiations in    Catholic Bigamy and Divorce Trials, 1930-1940’

1315 – Lunch (Scholar’s Bistro and Bar, Ground Floor, Elm’s Student Centre)

1415 – Dr. Massimo de Giuseppe, Università Iulm di Milano (Italy)

‘ “El Indio Gabriel” in Postrevolutionary Tabasco: Passive Resistance and a New Religious Perspective from the Indigenous World in the Age of Garrido Canabal’ 

1515 – Coffee 

1530 – Dr. Edward Wright-Rios, Vanderbilt University (USA)

‘A Revolution in Local Catholicism: Faith or Fraud in Oaxaca, 1928-1934’ 

1630 – Final comment 

1700 – Conference Close


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