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About NCIN

The National Cancer Intelligence Network (NCIN) is a UK-wide partnership operated by Public Health England. It coordinates and develops analysis and intelligence to drive improvements in prevention, standards of cancer care and clinical outcomes for cancer patients. 

Information about previous conferences can be found at NCIN Conferences.


The United Kingdom and Ireland Association of Cancer Registries (UKIACR) is a society, members of which are involved in the development of cancer registration, and in its application both to the study of cancer in defined populations and to the development of cancer control programmes in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland. Their AGM will take place during the conference.

About NICR

In 2015 the N. Ireland Cancer Registry (NICR) celebrates 21 years of data collection and analysis and welcomes the opportunity to host the National Cancer Intelligence Network Cancer Outcomes Conference 2015: United Against Cancer in association with the United Kingdom and Ireland Association of Cancer Registries (UKIACR) to mark the occasion.

The N. Ireland Cancer Registry is funded by the Public Health Agency in Northern Ireland and hosted by Queens University Belfast.


The conference will have a multidisciplinary focus and aim to give delegates a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas with members of the community across the cancer continuum. This includes patients, researchers, clinicians, commissioners, allied cancer professionals, policy-makers and third sector organisations.


Delegates will have the opportunity to hear leading experts discuss emerging research, service evaluation, clinical audit and analysis, and explore how cancer intelligence is influencing wider public health and policy. The conference programme is available for download.  

Alongside keynote speeches, in 5 plenary sessions there will be 12 parallel sessions and an exhibition including poster presentations.

Poster exhibition and attended poster viewings

Posters on new findings and developments will be on view throughout the conference.

Conference Reception

A conference reception and buffet was held in the Great Hall, Belfast City Hall during the evening of 8 June and will provide an excellent networking opportunity for those who attended.

Conference Dinner

A conference dinner was held during the evening of 9 June in Titanic Belfast.

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